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I am often invited to speak on the following topics: 

-The important role artists play in society
-Artists' role in making change happen
-The impact art can have on individuals, communities, and systems 
-The vital role that artists play in change-making
-The importance of engaging the community in making art
-How neighborhoods can use the power of the arts to transform relationships with residents or overcome conflict 
-Social innovation and the arts 
-The knowledge of the body
-How theatre, dance, and art can help us have difficult conversations
-Teaching through theatre, dance, and art

For any inquires please contact me here.


The following is a short list of speaking engagements
I have been a part of:

Calgary Arts Development 
The Storytelling Project
How can art and culture create spaces for connection and safety?
Podcast Interview 

Trico ChangeMaker Studio 
Changemaker Conversations
Environment & Sustainability Series: eARTh Day Dances 
Keynote Speaker & Facilitator 

Festival of Animated Objects

Storyteller Chapters

The Inclusive City: Reimagining Urban Life with Mark Lakeman

Pecha Kucha Calgary 
Volume #25: Less 

2015 Alberta Gay-Straight Alliance Conference 
Youth as Designers: Safer Schools for Tomorrow 
Speaker & Facilitator 

and many others... 
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