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Way Back Home

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Presented at To The Awe, 2022

Video (16:46) 

Performed & conceived by Kevin Jesuino

Written by Kevin Jesuino

Video by Kevin Jesuino

Sound by Ben Sound "This Is It" 

Way Back Home follows my 11-year journey to find belonging and acceptance, grappling with the abandonment of my family after coming out to them in 2009.  My father placed a suitcase on my bed. A direct message to me to get out of the house I had grown up in. I spent the next 11 years moving through these feelings. This powerful piece enacts a ritual to confront the pain -- making the journey home to return the suitcase my father gave me that day. 

Thank you to Daria Halprin, Anna Halprin, The Tamalpa Institue 2020 Level 1 Cohort, Claire Pariente, Wild Rose United Church, Bill, Pam Tzang, Elaine Weryshko, Sandra Afonso, Melissa Douglas, Kenny Smith, Marlo Jesuino, David Findlay, Ainsely Hillyard, Leah Stienstra, Melanee Murray-Hunt, Melanie Kloetzel.

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