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Organizer: Kevin Jesuino

June marks the 2013 anniversary of the flood that halted Calgary, Alberta. In light of the wildfires that took over Fort MacMurray in 2016, a public concert fundraiser was organized to raise funds for natural disaster relief in Canada. The benefit concert was hosted two years in a row (2016 & 2017) with all money being donated to the Canada Red Cross in support of natural disaster relief. 

The following are artists who donated their time in support of this event over the two years of its existence: 

Owen Castelton
Tiffany Chine
Jess Barabas
Rebecca Dawn
Ian Kinney
Erin Dingle
Crystal Eyes
Bella Bizarre
KP Smith & Greg Wilson
Alexia Nile
DJ Vanilla Disco
DJ Sony Chiba

Elaine Weryshko

Ian Kinney

Kelsey B. Funk

Bella Bizarre

Alexia Nile

Hayden McHugh

The Ditchers

32 participating artists and 200 people in attendance. 

This event was supported by the Arusha Centre Take Action Grant. 

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