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Somatic Awareness Coaching Session Waiver of Liability


In your coaching session, the coach will use a dynamic process that combines a variety of somatic tools/techniques. Sessions are personalized and co-created by a combination of: 


  1. Client intake (symptoms, history), intentions and comfort/resonance with practices, and

  2. Practitioner observations, training, and the use of inquiry and intuition within the session. 


Based on the above, personalized Somatic Awareness sessions may include: 


  1. Somatic Inquiry - discussion with pauses to connect with felt sense. 

  2. Somatic Movement - Gentle, guided and intuitive movement to unwind, release, explore and improve the body/life. 

  3. Breathwork - a dynamic breathing practice that may catalyze cathartic emotional and physical release and potentially access previously unconscious memories. The practice may produce temporary changes to physical, mental, emotional and psychological states, including, but not limited to: 

    1. Elevated heart rate and temperature fluctuations. 

    2. Temporary changes to blood O2 and CO2 levels.

    3. Muscular tensions, strong bodily sensations. 

    4. Remembering stressful or traumatic unconscious experiences. 

    5. Emotional release

    6. Non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

  4. Alignment principles, postures and props from Hatha Yoga. (

  5. Inquiry & Coaching to assist with motivation, integration and transformation. 


In engaging this experience for personal exploration and possible healing, I declare: 


I HAVE NOT consumed drugs or plant medicines (including micro-dosing) in the last 48 hours. If I do this prior to future sessions, I will notify my practitioner ahead of time. 


I DO NOT need precautions due to any of the following and if so, will notify my practitioner ahead of time. : 

  • Cardiovascular disease, uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, abnormal arrhythmias

  • Advanced kidney disease or unmanaged diabetes

  • Pregnancy 

  • Concussion, glaucoma, detached retina

  • Major psychological diagnosis/symptoms (Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, Dissociative Identity, Severe Depression, PTSD, cPTSD, other) 


I consent/agree to/ understand: 


… my participation in the Somatic Awareness process.


… release Kevin Jesuino from any and all claims or costs in respect to loss, damage, bodily injury or death to persons, including myself or to property, which may arise out of my participation in this process. 


…. that all exercises and activities undertaken are at my own risk and that can request to pause the process at any time. 


…. singular/ sporadic sessions may produce insight, physical/emotional release of held tension patterns, and while these practices may produce temporary changes physically, mentally and emotionally, lasting change may take regular sessions to achieve and can never be guaranteed. 

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