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#safeAB: Chaning The Way We Treat Eachother 

In collaboration with Antyx Community Arts, Calgary Sexual Health, Calgary Gay-Straight Alliance Network and Forest Lawn High School Gay-Straight Alliance.


Youth involved in the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at Forest Lawn High School (Calgary, AB) devised, scripted and filmed a public service announcement video campaign that amplified the voices of LGBTQ2S+ youth who don't have the support systems needed that allow them to feel safe, included, or welcomed in their school community, and to raise awareness about the benefits of Gay-Straight Alliances. Students invited community leaders, politicians, artists, faith leaders, staff, and students to participate in a two-day filming process. While in the filming process conversations were had with students and community participants about the impacts that GSAs have. These conversation, although not part of the final filmed project, turned out to be the most impactful moments of this creative process. The video was launched during the debates in Alberta around whether schools should be required to start a GSA if a student asks to start one, regardless of faith or school administration ideology. The weekend the video was launch saw a dramatic 6,000+ views and the students of Forest Lawn High School GSA came to be known as the voice of the LGBT2S+ youth in a debate that was predominantly between government officials and parents.

Find out more about the work that ANTYX COMMUNITY ARTS does by checking out the website below: 

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