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Fruit Fly Shadow

Directed and Conceived by Kevin Jesuino

Text by Shimshon Obadia, Tyler Ritchie and Emily MacMillen

Sound by Tim Smith and Emily MacMillen

Film Footage by National Film Board of Canada 


National Film Board documentaries about World War II, the Government of Canada, the insect world and an award-winning sex education documentary turns into a propaganda film against the rise of the fruit fly army and their attack on Canadian couples. 


Reels and reels of 16mm documentary film from the National Film Board of Canada were donated to artist Kevin Jesuino. 

The Director: Kevin Jesuino took the film, randomly selected footage and spliced it together into a 20-minute film collage.

The Writers: Enter Shimshon Obadia, Tyler Ritchie and Emily MacMillen. These three watched the 20-minute film collage and attempted to re-script the footage while never listening to the film with the volume turned on. 

The Sound: The script and film were then given to Tim Smith to create a live sound effects (foley) score; Emily MacMillen create a piano soundtrack to accompany the film. 


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