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Grumplestock’s premiered in the 2005 Nextfest and later 2005 Edmonton Fringe

Written by Kevin Jesuino, Trish Lorenz, and Jon Lachlan Stewart

Featuring Kevin Jesuino, Trish Lorenz, Jon Lachlan Stewart and Vincent Forcier

Directed by Aaron MacKenzie


2010 Workshop West's Canoe Festival 

Directed by Clinton Carew

Production design by Cory Sincennes

Makeup by Tata Tuviera

Featuring Vincent Forcier, Jesse Gervais, Jon Lachlan Stewart, and Kristi Hansen 


Cresh, Tubix, Morelle and Tilly are four marionettes who tour a live performance to various villages. One day, the Miracle Four escape their maker, landing in Bowble, a city of sin which tears apart their friendship, and teaches them the origins of their birth. An expressionist, hyper physical play


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