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Taking a critical view on the male as a subject and the social, political and cultural notions surrounding what it means to be a male, the transparent prints in XY* looks to question old notions of masculinity and to reclaim and unite a new masculinity in an era where men often divide themselves based on social pressures and gender expectations.


In this evolving process that began in 2012, I have collected anonymous ejaculation patterns from different cis-gendered men. Each of the men have differing sexual orientations (Heterosexual, Hetero-flexible, Bisexual, Homo-flexible, Homosexual). This particular showcase features four of the twelve prints in the entire collection.  The collection continues to grow as I attempt to create an archive of the ever evolving complex male and the abstract gender politics that come with today's masculinity.   


Quantity: 4/9

Dimension: 22"x44" 

Material: Transparent  Prints


Presentation History: 

2017            Swallow-A-Bicycle 10 Year Anniversary Celebration (Calgary, Canada) 

2015            Theatre Junction GRAND mezzanine gallery (Calgary, Canada) 

2013            Q the Arts/ Calgary Pride Festival (Calgary, Canada)

2013            FINA Gallery/ University of British Columbia- Okanagan (Kelowna, Canada)

2012            Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art (Kelowna, Canada) 

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