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The End

Conceived and performed by Kevin Jesuino

Creation Phase: 
Fluid Fest
Hosted by Springboard Performance (Calgary)
October 2019


​Queer Performance Camp
Hosted by Tangent Dance, Studio 303 and La Chapelle Scene Contemporaines (Montreal)
February 2020


\Development Phase: 
M:ST Performative Art  
May 2020
Bodily Response Series (Live Stream) 

The End explores the nuances of human failure at the end of the world. From the initial on-stage entrance, this race against the clock, situates the one performer as both humanity and the Earth. As humanity inches closer and closer to the end of the show, the performer begins with simple warmups which then develop into a series of performed tasks that increase in risk to themselves and demands the audience to question: When do I intervene? Ultimately, calling into question: When does something need to end? 


“In the midst of failure, we get to know ourselves.” says the performer. 

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