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Kitchen Table Project 


In collaboration with Crescent Heights Community Association and low-income residents of the community.  

Crescent Heights is a neighbourhood in inner-city Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Although considered to be an affluent neighbourhood, it also is also home to many residents who are barely getting by financially and are, for whatever reason, on the brink, currently in or may have lived experience with poverty. Poverty can affect anyone and look like anyone. Often times, we are so busy trying to keep all the balls up the air that we forget that we need to community and nourishment. 


Residents with lived experience with poverty designed and built a kitchen table and hosted a potluck for the community. The table features moments in their lives when they had abundant community and when they have had very little community. The kitchen table is the site of connecting with neighbours and sharing a meal with dignity -- together. Across all income levels featured in the community of Crescent Heights. 

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