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Lead Artists: Stephanie Banzky & Kevin Jesuino

In collaboration with Antyx Community Arts, International Avenue Arts & Recreation Centre  and Springboard Performance 

The area of Greater Forest Lawn in Calgary, Alberta is often deemed unsafe and riddled with crime. This narrative is maintained by the local news and perpetuates a negative perception of the area. 

Working with local youth in the area, we examined the perceptions versus reality of the area. We sent teenagers into the neighbourhood to talk to strangers. They asked strangers about their lives, the perceptions of the area and how people may assume things about their identity that aren't reality . 

The youth then took photographs of these individuals who live and work in the area. The images were printed on large format paper and attached to the side of two sea-cans. This installation celebrating the individuals that make the area great, and who have lived experience with personal biases being placed on them, welcome anyone that come into the area. 

The work was situated at the corner of 17 Ave SE & Deerfoot Trail in 2016 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

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