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Crusing at 30 Kilometers a Second and Attempting Not To Crash 

Presented at Mile Zero Dance (Edmonton); 2021

Featuring: Moses Kouyaté, Monica Gate, Sebastian Rueda, Shrina Patel, Sar J Culkin, Roseanna Joy Nay. Nuala Kennedy, NIUBOI, Mitchell Chalifoux, Falon Scheers and TheGiovani. 


Cruising At 30km a Second and Attempting Not To Crash is a community participatory performance examining how human bodies (specifically those identifying as LGBTQ+) relate to nature. The work explores the failure in traditional dance/theatre while embracing queer idiosyncrasies as natural, beautiful sites of potential. Community participants devised a collective dance score through a workshop process. They were then invited to perform this dance score in a natural green space. All performers enacted the dance piece at different times and expressions. The nature dances were video-recorded and presented alongside a piece of text that revolved around three performers figuring out how to rehearse for the impending end of Earth. The scripted piece and the asynchronous nature dances were never rehearsed in combination with each other until the public presentation. What manifested was a meditation on failure and futurity.

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