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Climate Art Web / Web d'Art Climatique

Produced by TRAction  

Climate Art Web/ Web d’Art Climatique (CAW/WAC) is a project produced by TRAction, a collective of interdisciplinary artists founded in 2019 who engage communities in art-making to address issues of climate justice. CAW/WAC, although not a performance piece, is ultimately organized and scored/scripted as a living/breathing art(net)work. With funding from Canada Council for the Art and Calgary Arts Development, CAW/WAC brings together artists living in northern Turtle Island (Canada) who are invested in creating projects that relate to climate change, environmental justice, sustainability and place-based care and relationship. At the time of submitting this application, CAW/WAC is currently in the process of designing and launching an online mapping resource of artists, projects and organizations related to climate art in northern Turtle Island, as well as organizing an online gathering to bring climate artists across a large geographical region into direct dialogue. The online mapping resource is being crafted alongside and in conversation with Indigenous knowledge keepers and ecological mapping practices.  For more information visit 

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