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New City Collective (Bangkok 2006-09)

New City Collective (NCC) was a performance art group based out of Bangkok, Thailand between the years of of 2006-09. The collective has since been disbanded. 


NCC began out of a desire to see performing arts take a definitive turn in Thailand, where the audience has been nurtured in dormant waters for too long. The local art scene needed to be swept off its venerable feet and taken to more daring skies. With over nine shows to it's port-folio history, NCC grew to involve over 13 participants from five different countries. The Collective was an ever-changing entity that swallows up talents to create the unexpected in a city of die-hard conventions.


The New City Collective Manifesto
1. Expose- Expose art to the unsuspecting audience member.
2. Collective –Creations are the fruit of a collective spirit, bringing together artists from different backgrounds into stunning fireworks.
3. Image- Speak louder than words. Throw images into the air. Let the light rain down.


Artistic Producers: Kevin Jesuino & Marie Le Guen

Artistic Associates: Matthew Ian Largent, Oak Wattanai Chai, Om Saetehn, Teressa O'Brien Largent, Aanas Ahmosher, Oat Montien,  Tara Spencer and Christian Torres. 


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