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The Nature of Us


Presented by the Mount Royal Choral Association

in collaboration with TRAction & Artio Choir 

Score conceived by Artio Choir

Under the directon of Kevin Jesuino, Jean-Louis Bleau & Cassette Bessette

A sound experience exploring humanity's connection with nature and with one another.

An interdisciplinary performance piece about the divide between humans and nature. "Nature of Us" is a semi-improvised devised theatre production featuring soundscapes, monologues, choreography, and choral music.  The concept grew out of a desire to give voice to natural elements in hopes of developing a more empathic understanding of nature. A visual score was conceived for movements one and two. Members of the choir then developed vocal sequences inspired by this score. 


Thank you to Calgary Arts Development, Mount Royal Choral Association, and Mount Royal Conservatory for their support of this project.

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