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Artistic Research : Learning From Each Project I Do

It dawned on me this morning that over the course of my lifetime, I have dove into different artistic research based on the project I was working on. Each of the shows I have created has helped me explore additional research which I have carried into future projects. There are also common elements that I return to, such as audience participation, eco-empathy, convergence & divergence, randomness, queering, etc..

To aggregate the different research I have done over the past 10 years, I have listed these elements below. Please note, I will be continually adding to this list.

The Nature of Us

Deep Listening

Sound Scoring

Auditory Performance

Choral Movement

Way Back Home

Stories In my Body / Emergence Through Movement


Cruising at 30km/s and Attempting Not To Crash

Randomness - Emergence

Individual Interpretation of Time & Movement

Scripted Work alongside Improvised Work

Convergence & Divergence

Creating Participatory Performance via Zoom

Working with a Highly Skilled Technical Director

Procession for End Times I, II & III

Public Processions

Processional Images

Climate Art

Public Interventions

The End



Climate Anthropormophization

When is a Task Ended/Complete?



Audience Tension & Intervening

Create - Develop - Premier Model

What They Didn’t Teach Us: The Sex Education Theatre Project

Working With Fragile Teenagers

Working with Intelligent & Aware Teenagers

Building Longterm Relationships Before Creating Work

Valuing Youth By Paying Them

Crafting a Trigger Warning

Queering the Classroom

Village Hub


Site & Programming

What is the Function of a Community Association/League?

What could a Community Arts Centre look like?

Crescent Moon Parade

Building Community Partnerships

Developing Artistic Workshops that Culminate in a Public Intervention/ Project

Lantern Building (Fabric, Glue, Reed Method)

Traffic Safety

Kitchen Table Project

Revealing the Unseen Voices of A Community


Food as a way to Connect

The Zaynknees

Large Puppet-Building

Processional Puppets

Subtle Racism in A Community That is Performatively Inclusive

Joy as Intervention

YYC Free Market

Give What You Can

Take What You Need

Leave No Trace

Community-Building Around Economics

Economy (Linnear vs. Circular)

Market as Performance

Finding Pessoa

Projection-Mapping & Design

Live Art & New Media Integration

Vocal Masque

Performance of Self/ Identity

Performance of the Online Mask

Being Together

No Leader - No Follower

Choreography in Different Times

Devising with Other Performers

Questions in Performance (as a way to create liveness)

Futuring (Movement Method)

Constellations of Art Work


Relinquishing complete control of the show to the audience

Randomness & Emergence

Last Will & Testament

Character Development / Improvisation

Immersive Theatre

Devising from a Piece of Text

We Queer Animals

(Neo) Dada; Beauty in Randomness

Queer Dada

Queer Joy

Public Welcome

Playback Theatre Model

Group Improvisation

Audience Storytelling

Image Theatre Model

Theatre for Community Dialogue


Dialogical Performance Installation

Video Art

Art-Making After Tragedy


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