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Artistic Research : Learning From Each Project I Do

It dawned on me this morning that over the course of my lifetime, I have dove into different artistic research based on the project I was working on. Each of the shows I have created has helped me explore additional research which I have carried into future projects. There are also common elements that I return to, such as audience participation, eco-empathy, convergence & divergence, randomness, queering, etc..

To aggregate the different research I have done over the past 10 years, I have listed these elements below. Please note, I will be continually adding to this list.

The Nature of Us

Deep Listening

Sound Scoring

Auditory Performance

Choral Movement

Way Back Home

Stories In my Body / Emergence Through Movement


Cruising at 30km/s and Attempting Not To Crash

Randomness - Emergence

Individual Interpretation of Time & Movement

Scripted Work alongside Improvised Work

Convergence & Divergence

Creating Participatory Performance via Zoom

Working with a Highly Skilled Technical Director

Procession for End Times I, II & III