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1. My feelings about the art world around power, access and language are real and are rooted in how we train the next generation of artists and the academic institutional structures we have created. All art is interdisciplinary and all art goes beyond art institutions and into the lives of the public. All art is community art.

2. In relationships or places where potential is restricted, I have been gaslit to believe that my ideas are too bold, too fast, I speak too loud, too much, or that I re-iterate the idea too often or that the idea is impossible in general. Again -- these are in relationships or places where potential is restricted in order to maintain the status quo/ same old way of doing things. Most importantly, the most progressive of those in these types of relationships or places will succumb to restricting their potential if they stay too long.

3. Projections live and come from the body. When asked to confront those projections people typically become defensive.

4. I create out of the absolute pleasure/eros of being with people and not knowing what will emerge. Potentiality is so fucking exciting.

5. People steal good ideas. And the more casual the relationship the less chance they will reference you. You have the right to opacity and not reveal your ideas. If you are inspired by what you are reading here, please make an effort to credit me.

6. Think as much as you want. But then create one small thing. Put that idea outside of yourself. Start there.

7. People who work in devised theatre understand how to organize groups of people and processes but can sometimes feel they know best. People who work in making objects have a sensibility for caring of the moment and just having fun while something manifests itself but can take less risks. People who make digital work/technology can be incredible visionaries who can get lost in algorithms and forget about their humanness. All people generalize. There is no universal. Humans are a paradox.

8. Language is a tool. It's not just used to communicate an idea. It can also be used to work through an idea and also to destabilize the whole concept of language in itself. Was age and languid tool titled to grama and mare? Eu nao preciso de falar a tua lingua. Tongues are made for eating. Bite.

9. Change is inevitable. The only constant in life is change. Sense into the constant changes. Change your mind whenever you want. Move slowly at times. Move fast at times. But believe in change that is greater than you.

10. Life is not linear. Nor is it a list.

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