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I have resprouted. Remembering the mother that feeds me. This land in which I have been birthed from.

I have reconnected. Remembering the friendships that feed me. This land in which I have felt belonging.

I have rerooted. Remembering the earth that feeds me. This land in which I have been nourished.

I call back to my ancestors. I sing the songs of my grandmothers and aunties. I labour on this earth that my grandfathers and uncles have sweat. I touch the unseen that desperately want to be made visible. Water into air into fire into anything that can be dreamed. From within me this “mudanca”, A Portuguese word that means both movement & change. I dance to change. I change to dance.

And, in doing so, I return to this Earth. I return to my friends. I return to my mother.

Here I will lay for a bit more time. And in one hundred years my body will still know. Still know the home that provides me the feast of knowing.

In knowing, I come close to seeing. In seeing, I come closer to being. In being, I dance, I dance, I dance.